Writings About the Holy Scripture

The Grave — Matthew 27:57-66

Standing over a grave site is so sobering.  Once so alive, the dead body is placed in the ground, never to be seen again.  In ancient Israel, they had large family tombs, so you would see those buried earlier when you buried someone else.  Dead relatives, still dead.  The Bible tells us they laid Jesus body in a tomb never used before.  They placed guards around the tomb so no one could steal his body.  They sealed the tomb, locking it shut.   Three days after Jesus was buried, was a great earthquake.  An angel rolled away the stone of the tomb, those mighty guards shook in fear in front of the tomb, and once again, empty was the tomb.   They would see Jesus not in the tomb, but alive.  Live beyond the grave.  Jesus died for your sin and rose from the tomb.   Believe it.  It’s true.