Writings About the Holy Scripture

Is God to Blame for Evil?   Romans 12:9

If God created all things, did he create evil?  No, because evil is not a thing.  Evil depends on good to exist.  Evil is like a moth eaten hole in the cloth.  It is not the cloth, it’s a hole.  A hole is not a thing.  It’s a no thing.  It depends on the cloth to be present.  That’s the nature of evil.  God didn’t create evil, but he created us with free will.  Since God can only create good

Conscience and law

things, free will is a good thing.  But free will allows for the possibility of evil.  It is evil to choose the hole over the cloth.  It is choosing no thing over the fabric of God’s will.  This is Dr. Jay Quine. The bible says, be inexperienced in evil.  Remember the word, and you may repair the holes in your life.

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