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Maintain the Lord’s Perspective about Money

All this talk about work and money in the world may lead one to become preoccupied with the possession of things.  We might even believe the bumper sticker which says, “He who dies with the most wins.”  Yes Proverbs speaks to work and money, but we as Christians must maintain a proper perspective.  This perspective comes from what may be called “better” passages in Proverbs.

Read it for yourself in Proverbs 15:16.  The emphasis is not on the accumulation of wealth, but in the “fear of the Lord.”  The Christian is to first and foremost maintain a proper relationship with the Lord.  It is better than great wealth.

Also read of this perspective in Proverbs 16:8.  Doing what is right before God (“righteousness”) is better than great income. While the two are not necessarily in conflict, “righteousness” is the focus of the believer’s life.

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Another “better” passage is in Proverbs 16:16.  Wisdom and understanding are to be preferred even over the most precious of earthly commodities.

Proverbs 22:2 also tells us that in the end the rich and the poor are the same.  God creates us all.  Death is also reduces us to a common level.

With this perspective on work, money and wealth, one by the name of Agur prayed in Proverbs 30:7-9 for neither riches nor poverty.  Both extremes could lead him astray.  Honoring the Lord was his main concern.  Thus, he asked from God just what he needed. Finally, this idea of proper perspective is beautifully portrayed in Proverbs 10:22.  Be it little or great, realizing that no matter what we have comes from the blessing of the Lord changes our attitude regarding wealth.  Ultimately it is not our hard work, our generosity, or that we are “self made.”  Even if rich, it comes from the Lord.

It is often said that those who have the most are the most miserable.  They learn the hard way that money does not bring happiness.  But, when the believer keeps this perspective (Proverbs 10:22) that all is a blessing from the Lord, then what He has given us does not bring agony or sorrow.  There is nothing like the enjoyment of knowing that what you have comes personally from the Lord God, our Creator.  It is better than even the things which He has given us.

Fortunately, the Lord has left these great guiding principles in the Book of Proverbs for us to look to and honor Him in that which plays such a significant part of our lives–in our work and our use of money.  Search Quine and Proverbs and read it for yourself.

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